Frequently Asked Questions


Our sitting options allow you to customize your senior portraits (almost!) however you’d like. We offer outfit changes, fashion backgrounds, your traditional yearbook images, and pictures in the cap and gown.

You should come prepared to be photographed for the yearbook and cap and gown with a simple plain t-shirt for boys, or a spaghetti strap/tube top for girls.

Our sessions can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on your outfit changes.

The session fee that you pay covers the photoshoot with our professional photographers (Yearbook, Cap and Gown, and any Personal Outfits), along with our convenient online proofing system.

You session fee does not include any prints or packages.

Yes, LOTS!

  • Get PLENTY of sleep before your appointment. Beauty sleep is a real thing! No one wants to look exhausted and stressed out in their pictures. This will help you feel and look your best.
  • A healthy glow looks great, but don’t overdo it. Sunburns don’t photograph well. Ladies, be careful of tan lines. They can be a distraction on the drape pose and take away from your photos. We do offer retouching for an additional charge to remove them.
  • Keep your nails clean! If you paint your nails, make sure they’re done well for your session. Several of the poses will show your hands. Avoid colors that will be distracting or may not work with all your outfits.
  • Hair style is your responsibility. Although we try to help with hair, it is hard for us to know what your hair is supposed to look like. It is a bad idea to make drastic changes to your hairstyle right before your photo session. We recommend getting your hair cut a week before your appointment. Bring hair spray and a brush to your session for any hair touch-ups that might be needed. We provide mirrors at every portrait station for last minute checks.
  • Casual Photos are the photos that really bring out your personality. Make sure you’re comfortable in your clothing and that it flatters you. Most people will want to avoid stripes and plaid. Solid colors photograph much better than busy patterns. Girls, don’t be afraid to bring a dress! Dresses are a great way to add a unique touch to your portraits. However, sleeveless outfits aren’t always flattering, and can sometimes give the appearance of nudity in close up shots (oh no!!). That said, please use your own judgement. Group your outfits together on hangers. Make sure items are clean, ironed and ready to wear.
  • Bring PROPS! If you have a letter jacket and/or senior ring, bring them! They are the trademarks of your senior year! Of course you’ll want at least a few photos with them. Make a checklist of things to bring with you for your photo session, and don’t forget these! Some popular choices are sports equipment (uniforms, soccer ball, basketball, softball bat, etc.), favorite team jersey, musical instruments, and any activity related items (dance, art, school clubs, etc.).
  • Keep jewelry simple. Big, shiny jewelry can distract from the photo. It can also run the risk of dating the photos. Classic pieces work best. If you are changing your jewelry with each outfit, place it in bags with the hangers of each outfit so you won’t risk all the planning you did on the front end. We offer to let you borrow a set of pearls to give your photos a timeless look. They look great with the drape photos.
You can look up your appointment here using your provided login information on your mailed appointment card. You can change or cancel your appointment there as well.
You are welcome you to bring someone if that person can help you relax. That person can also help with wardrobe changes and a quick double check before the photos. However, if they distract you, it may be best to meet them when the session is over. We also ask that they remain back from our photography area while you’re with our photographers. This will help minimize crowding and the amount of people in the area.

If you have a twin or sibling in the same class, bring them along to double the fun! We can do a few sibling pictures if requested.

You can bring just about ANYTHING to your session to be photographed with. There’s only two things that we require your school’s permission for before we’ll photograph you with it:

  1. Pets
  2. Weapons, such as for Archery or Rifle Teams, in addition to any knives/swords/etc.

Remember that we’re on school property, so if you can’t bring it with you on a normal school day, you definitely need to confirm with the school before bringing it to your session.

For sure! We want you to be completely satisfied with your senior portraits. Give us a call and we can let you know when our next session at your school will be. Look over your photos and decide what exactly it was you didn’t like about them (like, if you didn’t like your hairstyle, makeup or clothes). Be sure to let our photographers know what you didn’t like the first time so we can work with you to do differently.

A $10 retake charge may be required at the time of photography.

No problem – give us a call at 703.532.0013 and we can provide your code.
Yes, we prefer it! Online orders go directly into production at our lab, which means that you receive them sooner! To access your senior portraits online, please go here and enter your online code provided at your session.
Orders placed online are usually received within 5-7 business days. All orders are custom, so if your order had special requirements, it could take a little longer.
We offer two retouching options for our seniors:
Our Basic Facial Retouching is applied to every image that you order, free of charge. This will cover facial blemishes, fine lines and wrinkles, and evening out skin tone. This will take care of almost all of our seniors’ retouching needs.

If your student needs something a little extra, we also offer Additional retouching. This is a paid service on a per image basis. This would be for things like stray hair removal, glass glare, tan line removal, tattoo removal, etc.
You may select any of the Tuxedo or Velvet Drape photos with the BLUE background for the yearbook image.

If you do not select an image before your school’s posted deadline, we will choose an image for you. We try to choose the best one, but we can’t guarantee that it will be the one YOU want!


Yes! We photograph every student for yearbook and administrative purpose on Fall picture day. We will also issue your student their complementary ID card for the year on this day.
Definitely! You can place an online Pre-Pay order up to 72 hours after picture day, or you can mail the paper form in to our office.
Additionally, all photos will be available online after picture day. You are welcome to view and order from here.
Oh no! There’s a couple things that could have happened. In our experience, the package is most often found at the school either with your home room teacher, with the front office, or in the bottom of a locker. If you’re unable to find the package, please reach out to us as soon as possible so we can look into other possibilities.
If you’re not 100% satisfied with your portrait please let us know within 1 week of receiving the package. Students may return to our photographers on make-up day to get their photos retaken. If you have purchased a package, please return it to our photographers in exchange for the new sitting and package.
All photos will be uploaded online within 2-3 weeks after picture day. You can then view and order at your convenience. This is great if you want to order more, or if you forgot to turn in a form on picture day.


Sports Teams and Individuals are photographed on a Pre-Pay basis. If you’re interested in getting a picture and a package, please bring the filled out order form with payment to our photographers on sports picture day.
Nope! If you forgot yours, or if you didn’t receive one in time, just let our photographers know that you would like to purchase the photos online and they’ll be sure to photograph you.
You bet! We upload all photos online for this exact reason.
Unfortunately, we’re only able to come photograph our sports teams once per season, therefore we’re unable to accommodate retake requests.

Graduation and Events

YES! We photograph 99.8% of our schools’ graduation ceremonies. We’ll be shooting candid images, handshake portraits of you walking across the stage, and our “Grad Portrait” of you with your diploma.

We try to photograph everyone for each type of “shot”, but this is a fast-paced event with lots of room for error. Therefore we cannot guarantee that we will have a photo of each shot for every student.

Once the event is over, we’ll upload all the photos online for you to view and order.

We will provide photography services to our schools that request them. If your school has requested our services for the dance, then we’ll be there!


We accept Cash, Checks, Money Orders, and Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards.

We also accept payment plans for SENIOR orders only. Please contact us if you’re interested in doing a flex-pay payment plan.

Yup! The first one is free, provided complimentary to you on behalf of the school. New ID cards are $15 + shipping, and can be purchased here.
We’re here to help! If there’s something we weren’t able to answer here, give us a call M-F 8:30a-4:30p. You can also send us an email!